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Play and Learn at Preschool

Bring your child to Newport Ave Preschool and watch them play and learn! Our qualified staff members excel at encouraging students to expand their skills in science, math, English, art, and other subjects. We believe every child can succeed and every individual is unique. This is why have a balanced, Montessori-inspired curriculum that allows students to expand their abilities in a natural way.

Hands-on learning is very important to us. Learning this way happens during supervised play and structured teaching time. We provide ample time for your child to experience the world in their own hands. Your toddler can expand their horizons and develop their talents here because we’ve dedicated our program to the unique needs of each student.

Proudly Serving Santa Ana

Schedule a tour at Newport Ave Preschool to see our highly successful preschool program in action! If you live in Santa Ana, it is an easy drive to our Tustin location. Our school is bright, happy, and instills confidence in children. You can rest easy knowing your child is safe and content during school hours and after school if you so choose.

Contact us today to learn more about our available programs in your area. We would love to meet you, your toddler, and your family and determine whether or not Newport Ave Preschool is the ideal learning facility for your little one.