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A Trusted Preschool near Irvine

Allow your little one to learn, grow, and develop at a trusted institution. Preschool is recommended before kindergarten to teach the child basics of math, science, English, and art. This is the first opportunity your toddler has to learn in a structured environment.

Our preschool mixes structured learning time with hands-on learning and playing found in the positive aspects of the Montessori Method. Each student is unique, so our goal is to help them find their natural abilities and build on those. So much is learned in the first five years of life; we would love the opportunity to teach your child during those precious years.

Newport Ave Preschool is located in Tustin and we proudly serve the Irvine area. We know you want the best education for your child, so why not choose one of the best schools in the area from the very start?

A Safe Environment

Whether your child is outgoing, shy, quiet, energetic, curious, or determined, our staff will make sure to accommodate his or her specific needs during instruction. We provide a safe environment for everyone to learn and grow. This is one of the most important parts of a healthy learning center.

Visit our Montessori-inspired preschool near Irvine and see the opportunities available! We will be happy to address your concerns and answer any questions you have during a tour.