Pre-K (4 Yrs.)

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Pre-K ages: 4-5 years

Our Pre-K curriculum is designed to prepare children for Kindergarten and onwards! Our curriculum goes beyond teaching the core subjects of language arts, math, and science and incorporates creative arts, music, and motor skills development to encourage holistic development. Our programming also features weekly theme-based units to expand students’  knowledge base and interest by introducing them to hands-on science experiments, social studies, and the community around them!

Individual observations and assessments are conducted on each child’s progress by their teacher. This information is used to prepare individualized lesson plans to ensure children is meeting their age appropriate learning goals.

Class portfolios, weekly homework and reading logs will be sent home to ensure skill reinforcement and parent participation in their child‘s work.

Our small class sizes allow teachers to get to know each student closely, so they can further support and encourage their academic and character development.

LIC No: 304370065