Your children are incredibly important little people. It is your job as a parent to raise your child or children to be functional adults. You are forming the next generation. Now, that may seem like a lot of pressure, and in some ways it is, but if you begin teaching your children good behavior from the time they are toddlers, the easier your job will be. It also makes your job easier when your Santa Ana toddler care center also has the same outlook on the balance of discipline and play to learn. Continue reading to learn several effective methods to properly discipline a toddler.

Discipline Tips for Raising a Toddler

  • Possibly the most important thing to keep in mind in regards to discipline is consistency. Toddlers are continuously learning new things about the world and themselves and what kind of effect they have on other people and objects. If something they do is okay one day and not okay the next, it will confuse them immensely. Also, make sure that your spouse or any other caretaker is aware of your rules.
  • It is easy to lose your temper when your toddler is acting out. However, it is crucial that you keep your calm when disciplining your child because if you revert to yelling, your message can become convoluted and the situation can become even worse.
  • When you are explaining to your child why they shouldn’t do something, keep it simple. If you try to give a long, drawn-out explanation, they will probably end up blocking you out.
  • Try to keep things positive. For example, instead of saying, “Stop making a mess!” you could say, “Will you help me pick these things up now?” “No,” is often a very overused word in terms of discipline. Save “no” for more serious things, like situations involving safety.
  • Distraction is one of the best tactics when handling a misbehaving toddler. If your child is doing something you don’t like, keep calm and try to get them to start doing something else.
  • Familiarize yourself with what sets your child off. Try to avoid their triggers and eliminate possible temptations.
  • Make sure that your form of discipline is appropriate for both the situation and your child’s age. This may take some trial and error.

It’s not easy being a parent, especially of a curious and mischievous toddler. If you follow the tips stated above, the experience will be considerably less stressful. Also, you don’t have to do this alone. Preschool is a wonderful place for toddlers to learn and grow. If you are looking for Santa Ana toddler care, ensure that they also use discipline methods similar to your own.