There are many daycare and preschool programs that claim to have a curriculum that will prepare your child for kindergarten. It’s important to remember, however, that there are many different learning styles that must be addressed. Our teachers believe it’s important to not only identify learning styles of individual students, but to teach in a way that addresses these learning styles. This will help prepare your child not only for kindergarten, but for his or her academic career.

Learning Styles

The main types of learning styles include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Visual learners remember things better if they can see information displayed in some type of graphic or outline. Auditory learners remember the information they hear, while kinesthetic learners require a more hands-on, tactile approach.

Addressing Learning Styles

Our preschool program successfully prepares children for school by addressing each of these styles. We use numerous visual teaching methods through charts, videos, flashcards, diagrams, and more. Auditory learners will benefit from verbal repetition, videos, group discussions, stories, as well as songs, audio books, and poems. Kinesthetic learners will have the opportunity to pair information with movement through song and dance. In addition, we utilize manipulatives such as blocks, play dough, and crafts to help these types of learners remember the information.

Importance of Preschool

Besides the obvious benefit of being better prepared for kindergarten, our preschool is able to provide other lasting benefits by identifying and addressing your child’s learning style. It’s important to understand your child’s learning style early so that as he or she progresses through school, you will know what methods will help your child better internalize the information. Our teachers are more than happy to communicate the needs of your child and to give you ideas and tips that will help you understand and address your child’s learning style.