As professional childcare givers, we know how special each individual child is. We also know that, as parents, you want to make sure your children are happy and safe when they are away from you. While it is important to consider the skills a preschool program will teach, it is equally important to consider whether it will make your child happy. Here are five things to look for when deciding on a preschool program for your child:

Making Strong Connections

Nothing is as important to children as feeling connected to their parents, their peers, and their preschool teachers. We know that while preschool is definitely a place of learning, it should also be a place of communication and bonding. For this reason, we keep our class sizes small. These smaller classes promote order, allow for clearer communication between students, and allow teachers the time they need to bond with each student.

Discipline and Accountability

Even though children may act upset when held accountable for their behavior, we know that discipline and accountability help children find their place in a given environment and foster feelings of independence and belonging. By providing children with homework and evaluation, we help your children learn what is expected of them, guide them in their contribution to the classroom environment, and express our faith in their abilities.

A Positive Environment

Working with children, we have seen the difference positivism can make in their moods and success. For this reason, we have created an environment that features bright colors and a lot of natural lighting. Besides making the building uplifting, we have also hired staff members who truly love children and think that learning should be more about what children do right than what they do wrong.

A Focus on Growth

While we know children love to be praised for their accomplishments, we feel it is even more important to praise their efforts. This philosophy helps children learn that failure is not a bad thing, but simply another step they must take on their personal journey of development.

The Power to Decide

From a very early age, children realize they have choices. While there are certainly choices adults need to make for them, there are many they can make for themselves. Allowing children to make choices instills confidence and self-worth which makes learning fun and exciting. For more information on our teaching philosophy, you can contact us for an appointment. We’d love to share our wonderful school with your family.